Special Effects and Rigging

SFX Indonesia can provide the full range of effects services including pyrotechnics, fire, water and atmospherics as well as mechanical design and rigging in Indonesia.

We excel in building (and blowing up) miniatures which can be done here at a fraction of the cost of doing the equivalent sequence in the west.

We also do table-top work, food inserts, pack-shot rigs and mock-ups.

Our special effects equipment includes:

Air mortars, air rams, bomb releases, breakaway glass, capsule guns, dropping boxes, e-fans, firing systems (various types), flame bars, fire gel, flame projectors, gas mortars, glass breakers, hydraulic systems, kicker plates, light weight debris, mortar pots, nitrogen rams, oxy-aycetalyne cutters, pumps (electric and petrol driven), rain towers, spinner heads, smoke machines ('Artem' and electric types), tip tanks, trunion guns, turntables, underwater rigging equipment, ventori air movers, wind machines and zirconium capsules.

Recently we have been doing a lot of camera rigging and wire-work (flying performers and cameras) and this is line of work we will be expanding.

We are able to provide high quality, lead free squibs (similar to the D-60, D-80 & SD series) as well as other pyrotechnic devices at your filming locations across Asia with the minimum of fuss and red tape. Special Effects Indonesia is run by Adam Howarth, an English special effects designer and supervisor with more than 20 years experience in special effects and 6 years in SE Asia, he is now based in Jakarta where he works with an experienced (and mostly local) crew.

Special Effects Indonesia is the exclusive supplier in Asia of Silicone ProstheticsTM technology including our range of ready to apply wounds and prosthetic pieces. They look amazing and can be applied in a fraction of the time of standard latex prosthetics without needing a life-cast.

As well as special effects and models, Adam has also designed and made props and costumes for many productions including designing costumes for Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink and David Beckham!

Special Effects Indonesia - Brute force delicately applied


Sept/October/November '11

SFX Indonesia are providing and supervising the special effects for the feature film 'Java Heat' starring Kellan Lutz and Mickey Rourke.

July/August '11

SFX Indonesia are providing and supervising the special effects for the feature film 'The Philosophers' directed by John Huddles and starring James D'Arcy, Bonnie Wright and Rhys Wakefield

April/May '11

SFX Indonesia are providing the rigging and underwater construction for the French reality TV show 'Kho Lanta' filming in Raja Ampat, Papua

Oct/Nov '10

SFX Indonesia have provided all the special effects and rigging services for the film 'Di Ujung Negeri' in Tanjung Pinang, Western Indonesia

Jan/Feb '10

Adam is supervising the special effects and directing the action unit for 'Merah Putih 2&3'.

Sept '09

Adam is supervising the special effects for the Bali section of 'Eat, Pray, love' starring Julia Roberts.

Jan '09

Adam is supervising the special effects feature film trilogy 'Merah Putih' in Indonesia until May.

Nov '08

Adam supervised the special effects for the new series of Gatorade commercials directed by Tarsem.

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